To integrate elements of the natural world into the hectic day-to-day of modern life. Our mission is to focus on bringing beauty and a sense of calm to your home and workplace.  Our unique design sense will ensure an outstanding and memorable botanical experience for each and every circumstance and occasion.

Our creations often include items which are handmade, antique, locally grown...and always thoughtful. We like to design for the season, which is one of our favorite parts of being in this industry. Each time of year comes with new and exciting elements to incorporate in our botanical masterpieces. We lunge when we see a plant or flower we have never seen before. Our favorite is turning people on to something new, and having them step outside the box with our wide variety of exotic selections. Each and every piece is one of a kind.

a long time passion.

Caroline "Flora" Lahti grew up in the woods in upstate New York. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she knew she someday wanted to own her own business.

She always stayed busy and got her first job at a florist after school as a teenager. She thought this was a great gig because it mixed three elements that she loved, people, design, and nature. She then went on to college, where she spent her hours that weren't used on learning about Anthropology and Psychology, working at yet another florist. During these years she would always snag little florist supplies here and there for the florist that she would tell her room mates she would "one day own." She stowed them away under her bed which only had three legs.

After graduation she landed an office job in NYC, where she worked diligently for two whole days (ha,) before realizing the corporate world just wasn't her thing. Soon after she found herself at another floral company where she stayed for a year. As time went on she knew she was ready to make her move and was sure that florabrook was ready to make it's grand opening. Her goal is to share her love for nature and design with as many people as possible. The rest is botanical history...